The Medicine in Easing Off and Taking Space.

The most wonderful and unexpected thing has happened within the last 4 months.

After selling my business, moving countries and taking a break from teaching yoga, I decided to take some space.

Space to rest, travel, play and simply be. 

Sometimes stepping back, easing off and taking space is the best thing we can do in a situation. Whether it be for a relationship, hobby, dream or even a certain place. 

Easing off has allowed a buffer zone of sorts. A space to steep, digest and reflect. And then to return with new eyes, a more nourishing perspective and a softer heart. 

Time away from what my “normal” was has allowed that almost indescribable feeling of falling deeper in love with someone or something, into every layer of my life. I have re fell in love with yoga, with meditation and with writing. With old hobbies and new interests. With my family and friendships. With my relationship to, well, everything. From the mundane to the mystical. From the moments we feel wonderfully overwhelmed by joy to the moments of deep heartache. I have fallen a little bit deeper in love with every inch of this life experience.

There have been so many a-ha moments, clarity and a subtle yet mega shift in connection and perspective recently. But to be honest, so many of these moments and experiences have been so beautiful and renewing, it has been near impossible to confine it to the limitations of language.

So, here’s to taking space; whether it be a trip or a day off or a break from our “normal". And if what we need is more space internally, here’s to cultivating more space in our inner world through slowing down, self reflection, spending less time online or perhaps more time spent in meditation.

I’m going to keep steeping in the deliciousness of all that is for the rest of this year.

I just wanted to stop in, say hello and say thank you to everyone that has been a part of 2017. 

Wishing everyone an ease filled transition into this new year. 

May all your goals, visions and wildest dreams come true. 

With all my love,