Weekly classes at Baja Soul Yoga

vinyasa flow 8am

vinyasa flow 930am

Baja Soul Yoga is your home for yoga, meditation and mindfulness in Los Cabos, Mexico. Over 25 classes a week of heated and non-heated classes and a variety of styles.

What is Yoga?

Drawing from my diverse background of studies in Kinesiology, energy work, yoga mood management and a variety of yoga and meditation styles, my mission is to offer powerful yet practical tools in a digestable way. 

I'm equally steeped in the traditions of the ancient practices and modern day science, my offerings are where the two join together. 

I came to this practice seeking for a sustainable way to move my body and for the first time in my life stumbled across what I was unknowingly longing for; to be at ease. 

Yoga to me is about cultivating ease; strengthening our connection to that underlying current of stability and wholeness that lives just below the surface of things.

I believe yoga is an opportunity to practice how it is that we want to show up in our lives off the mat. Most importantly, I emphasize that it is just that -- a pracitice. It's a fascinating, intricate yet accesible practice that weaves together the entire fabric of our being.

My approach is one of radical inclusivity. Of meeting ourselves exactly where we are at in this very moment. Allowing everything, every thought, sensation, emotion and fluctuation in the inner world to be as it.  And from this place of welcoming our entire
self here, we observe, we notice and from a place of non-judgement we can begin
to pave new pathways of thinking, doing and being. 


Private Classes

Yoga is for everybody and every body. I offer individual and group classes specifically designed for you.

We can arrange the sessions at your home, in a yoga studio or at a variety of secluded locations along the Baja.