What is naturopathic Medicine?

"Naturopathic medicine is a distinct system of primary health care that concentrates on whole-patient wellness while emphasizing prevention and the process of self-healing through the use of natural therapies. Rather than focusing solely on treating the symptoms, naturopathic medicine attempts to find the underlying cause of the patient’s condition. They provide individualized evidence-informed therapies that balance the least harmful and most effective approaches to help facilitate the body’s inherent ability to restore and maintain optimal health." Read more about naturopathic medicine here.



Naturopathic Doctors are trained in:

  • Clinical Nutrition
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Lifestyle Counseling
  • Traditional Asian Medicine / Acupunture
  • Mind-Body Medicine
  • Massage
  • Physical Medicine
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Homeopathy

"Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct primary health care profession that combines the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science."

The 6 principles of naturopathic Medicine:

  1. First, Do No Harm
  2. The Healing Power of Nature
  3. Identify and Treat the Causes
  4. Doctor as Teacher
  5. Treat the Whole Person
  6. Prevention